On this episode, Stu and Luke fill up on candy before going to see an animated film featuring Bumbie's Mom.... BUMBIE'S MOM?! BUT SHE'S-- AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUHHHHHHH

Twenty-two years later and it's time once again for Animaniacs! Luke and Stu take a quick detour and dive into the first episode of Animaniacs' 2020 revival, with bonus reflections from a special guest!

Stu and Luke meet the next great double-act in Animaniacs in this episode as Rita and Runt make their debut. Definitely. Definitely download this podcast.

If you like cute dogs and babies then we've got nothing for you but pain and tears as Buttons and Mindy make their debut, much to Luke and Stu's distress!

Stu and Luke put on their best suits for this gala event. The Warners get the My Fair Lady treatment with the promise of a party if they can behave. Surely that will go smoothly, right?


The Godpigeon says, "Enjoy this podcast in which Stu is forced to watch a double-length Goodfeathers cartoon, buoyed somewhat by a cracking Warners cartoon all while Luke cackles at his suffering"

Stu despairs as the Warners' antics finally drive him to exasperation in this, the very model of a cartoon podcast for you all.

It's that time again! Luke and Stu dive into episode two of Animaniacs and try to win big.

Come join Stu and Luke as they begin their journey through classic animated series Animaniacs! In this episode, we take a glance at the pre-production of the series and delve into the first episode.

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