It's spooky season, so why not kick off proceedings with a look at the first Halloween episode of Animaniacs? Stu and Luke cast an evil eye over some Warner wackiness and woebegotten whotacism.

Stu and Luke have a whale of a time as the Warners torment Captain Ahab. Then, Buttons and Mindy say "tar" very much and Chicken Boo disguises himself as a cow-"peck". Like a cowpoke? No? Oh, alright then, suit yourselves...

Luke and Stu hope to come away winners from this trio of risk-based challenges in the form of cartoons starring the Warners, Slappy and Pinky & The Brain.

They're really taking the pee with this one! Luke and Stu get to grips with Warner history.

Who says cartoons can't be educational? Not Luke and Stu as today's episode teaches them all about Christie, Cleopatra and C'Shakespeare. ALSO: Luke's Space Jam: A New Legacy review! 

Luke and Stu explore the three things that bring happiness to any red-blooded human: love, money and hair.

It's a surprisingly Warners-light episode as Stu and Luke tackle the responsibilities of eating well, minding your children and not being a pigeon.

Stu and Luke strap themselves in for an episode of Biblical proportions as Slappy and the Warners inflict torture on a pair of right old sods.

Yeehaw, boy howdy and whatever else you lot say. This episode, Stu and Luke are subjected to an America-centric episode, which is also what we call global events that happen.

Stu and Luke are off to the movies with this one as the Warners and Goodfeathers pay homage to some classic flicks!

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